Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Best MASSAGE EXPERIENCE IN THE SANTORINI ISLAND. Luxury massage service in Santorini Greece

Highly educated and also experienced massage therapy service in Santorini personnel, personalized treatment, a combination of genealogical and modern-day understanding of the body - all to accomplish the most effective massage therapy. Santorini island Massage Services supply deep tissue, unwinding or revitalizing massage therapies based on your demand. Our professional Massage therapy Team intends to give a top quality and also remarkable Santorini experience.

Conventional deep tissue massage of both sides of the body that utilizes lengthy strokes and working techniques to improve blood circulation and also ease stress throughout the body.
Enjoy a Luxury Massage in Santorini island in Greece by unique experience of special Massage specialists.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Summer House Rentals Santorini

Standard Homes, Villas, flats as well as vacation rentals in Santorini.

The charming isle of Santorini and finest property leasings in Fira.
Near the sweet Aegean Ocean, and for songs clubs as well as greatest Restaurants. Sight our holiday season properties and also houses for your best vacation home holiday season in Santorini Greece.
This one-of-a-kind home lies in the heart of the Fira city a couple of meters off one of the most renowned squares from Santorini.
Your house is actually an investment given that this could be utilized for traveler cottage for the people tha looking for a tradional home for rental fee.

Your holiday begins long just before you hit the houses you have actually decided on.
Our experts highly feel that the factors of effective vacations are actually wonderful destinations in Greece as well as an ideal break.
This cycladic cave home was entirely restored in 2016. Found at the soul from Santorini in a peaceful suroundings.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Discover Santorini on horse-riding tours

Best Santorini Horse Riding

Great experience with a Horse in Santorini island in Greece.

Make a unique excursion with beautiful horses in the most beautiful scenery of the island.
A lifetime experience, connect your summer feelings to the most proud animals of the planet, make a Beautiful Horse Tour on the island of Santorini and feel the Nature of the island in a unique way, which is traditional and special.
 Horse riding in Santorini island in Greece
A remarkable as well as safe riding encounter on Santorini. Your chance to find out and reside unique time on the isle. The guided horse trip is actually a beginning to the distinguishing cycladic atmosphere and also to the native wild life from Santorini in Greece.
Ride with your horse, experience freedom. A lovely way to discover the Santorinian countryside.

Santorini Horse Riding

Friday, 31 March 2017

Rent a Car Santorini

Auto Car Rental in Santorini island.

Getting around Santorini can be awesome fun for summer in Greece. Auto rental in Santorini is likely the most ideal approach to investigate this excellent Greek island which is little in contrast with some Greek islands and you can go around the whole island over a day. Getting around Santorini are the old sights of Akrotiri village near the Red beach, Kamari and Ancient Thira, the dusk saw from Oia village and numerous conventional neighborhood wineries with the top Greek wines.

Auto Rental in Santorini with numerous auto rental offices with good new cars available offering everything from little motobikes to new little car for hire.

As for the parking, the island has many public parking and should not park your vehicles on the road to prevent crashes.
At summer season there is a big traffic mayhem because of Santorini's little roads and the so many rental cars.
The streets are genuinely tranquil and road signs have names in English, making drive route more clear.
Numerous guests and visitors with no past experience of driving an auto on the islands of Greece must be making sure of avoiding potential danger around the streets of Santorini.
A good place for swimm and food in a beach restaurant is the village of Kamari shoreline in summer and you'll feel the Greek summer way in your holidays.

Prices for rental cars in Santorini are different, other specific or high and other cheap and Economy, just Choose the best price for you and do a little research on car office rental, The prices vary depending on the season.

When you touch base at Santorini Airport and you or your friends like to lease a car to investigate the many miracles of the island. However, you can really make essential courses of action even before you touch base at Santorini by making an online booking for your Car.
Many rental offices can wait for you with the car at the port of Santorini, Athinios Port, and make the contract there.

To have an unforgettable summer make sure Always wear a seatbelt and drive safely and carefully because Santorini is a magical island.
rent a car santorini island

Monday, 16 January 2017

Perissa Beach in Santorini - Hotels

When visiting the island of Santorini and you want to stay in a hotel next to the beach one of which is good choices for a hotel on the beach of Perissas or Perivolos Beach is Glykeria Mini Suites.
Traditional and comfortable rooms with ocean views and a Coffee bar Restaurant where you can enjoy unique flavors and refreshing summer cocktails.

Glykeria Mini Suites Santorini-Perissa
Perissa Beach Hotels Santorini

Just two steps from the famous beach of Perissa in an ideal area to enjoy your summer holiday in Santorini under the sun.
The hotel has small suites for romantic moments and even rooms for families of four!
From the hotel you can rent a Car, Quad or motorbike, and go at all the beautiful parts of the island.

Bar-Restaurant in Perissa beach Santorini

Santorini perissa Hotels

This hotel in Perissa is fully renovated to the standards of Cycladic architecture and in front of beautiful beach of Perissa.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Oia village and Santorini island Hotels

Santorini villages with special personality as well as design. But all the towns are not so prominent. You could see few of the preferred towns, which are touristy and extremely welcoming such as Fira, Oia, Ancient Akrotiri, Town of Perissa and also Monoliths. Fira is the capital of Santorini as well as considered among the best area for purchasing precious jewelries.

Annually countless site visitors involve this magical island of Santorini. Santorini is the most preferred and also best destination for the site visitors with numerous amazing things to do and see, which cannot be located in any end of this world.

Santorini is famous for it's coastlines of all shapes, sizes and also shades, calm and also quite towns, vineyards, calderas, museums and also breath taking sunlight sets and a lot more as gone over bellow:

Visit the lovely small and Traditional towns of Santorini with best Hotels in Oia .

Discover all the outstanding beaches

The magnificent coastlines of Santorini with different colors sandy beaches are just one of the prime elements of drawing in so many site visitors. Always remember to delight in the sunlight showering on the crystal clear water of white, red and also black sandy coastlines. Stroll to red coastline as well as black extended sandy beach of kamari as well as Perissa. All these three coastlines are quite touristy and crowded all year long.

You will certainly discover the coastlines are well arranged with taverns,few beach bars at Perissa beach southerly of the island, coffee shops at Caldera place, sunlight umbrellas, coastline bars as well as water sporting activities to captivate the site visitors.

Enjoy the breath-taking magnificent sundown

The sunset of Santorini Island is not just popular in Greece yet likewise famous in all over the world. People frequently articulate it as one of the most enchanting sunset as well as couples favor to spend late afternoon with the firm of each other. There are unique setups for site visitors in most of the resorts to check out the stunning sunset view.

Almost all traveler prefer to see this sunset, so you can anticipate a little bit of crowd when sun drops into the sea.
See the wineries of Santorini.
Santorini is blessed to have a few of the finest wineries in Greek Island. The Santorini vineyards are likewise the point of attraction for visitors. By going to the wineries you could taste the sample of wine by paying a quite small amount of money. You will also obtain a possibility to understand the wine making procedure.
Remember to check out the Historical site of Akrotiri. The excavation of this city was begun in the year 1960. This city was hidden under the mass of ashes. About 3500 years ago this city was hidden by a severe volcanic eruption. Great deals of findings are preserved for the interested tourists. By seeing this city you will certainly come to know several features of the way of life and also record of individuals throughout 3500 years back.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Santorini in Greece for All

==Santorini the jewel of Greece==
Of all the Greek islands scattered in the Aegean sea, there are two that stand out for their traditional character and their luxury hotels.
The first is the mysterious island of Santorini and the other is the Mykonos!
Two beautiful and distinctive islands in Greece which receive millions of visitors annually from around the world and from different countries.
In recent years there is an increase in visitors from Asia, who choose to stay in hotels overlooking the Sea and the beautiful caldera of Santorini.
The "Caldera" at Santorini which is a large volcanic sea crater, formed by a great eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the Santorini's volcano, has formed the last geological shape of the island and all the photographers or the tourists make pictures with background the black big volcano!
The island can be reached by plane or boat (Ship, Ferry) and here I want to point out that the summer flights from Athens to Santorini is very common the summer months from May to September for the island of Santorini.

When you find yourself on the island of Santorini in August will find the most visitors, and I recommend that you rent a car or a scooter (Quad bike) because local transport (local buses) is difficult for you to take.
As for your food, you can choose a restaurant in the island's capital Fira, and Taste great local delicacies and white or red wine tha will relax you.The beaches of Santorini are great and visit them when the Greek sun is Hot.Ask a local or a tourist agency that you go to the beach and they will fully inform you.Perissa and Perivolos or Kamari are the most famed beaches in Santorini.
On the island find two or three museums but the biggest is the archaeological site of Akrotiri and you will love this place with unique ancient wall paintings and ancient houses made by the first inhabitants of the island, thousands of years ago, that testify how old is the culture of Greece.
However if you visit Greece and go through the beautiful island of Santorini, I guarantee you that you will want to go back at least once.

"and remember the unique pictures of the sunset"

Santorini island